Catering Events


We will meet your highest expectations when designing menus, planning elegant arrangements, as well as perform immaculate service to ensure everything goes right on your perfect day.


Maintain interaction and productivity at Networking events or Luncheons. We provide customized business catering that suits your company’s needs.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

We want to create an exciting atmosphere by offering a variety of fun and exciting specialty stations that will be sure to amaze guests.

Simchas and Bris

We are happy to provide great service along side spectacular flavors that will impress friends and family. 

Social/Private Events

In the most intimate of settings, we will deliver the best service along with the most fantastic flavors to be enjoyed by guests.


For select holidays, we create specialty menus so our clients can enjoy fresh feasts that have already been prepared, so they can spend more time with loved ones.

Catering Styles

We appreciate the opportunity to assist with any of the catering styles listed below. Our team can also advise on which option might best fit your needs.


Individually plated meals, pre-selected for each guest in attendance, and privately served by waitstaff.


Classic catering style, ideal for very large groups, which allows guests to conveniently select from all food options available.


This is a great option for large groups that need quick meals in between activities or presentations. Meals can be organized for any audience or clientele.